Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Building Floor Plan

Protsman Elementary School Floor Plan
 Plan Updates:
  • Kitchen equipment was added
  • Media Center Reading Area and Reading Lab have changed locations
  • Computer Lab off of Media Center was increased in size and access is provided off of the corridor
  • Screen wall fence was added to enclose the Mechanical equipment and Delivery Area
  • Stage opening was enlarged
  • PE Office, PE Storage and Tool Storage areas have swapped locations
  • Exterior View


    Teacher's Workroom and Lounge

    Teacher's Workroom and Lounge Plan

    Teacher's Lounge View

    Teacher's Workroom View

    Clinic and Office Area

    Office Floor Plan
    Reception Area
    Teacher's Mail Boxes

    Clinic Plan

    Clinic View

    Cafeteria, Large Group Instruction, Kitchen and Community Room

    Cafeteria, LGI, Kitchen and Community Room Plan
    Platform (Stage) View



    Gym Floor Plan
    Gym View 1
    Gym View 2

    Art Room

    Art Room View 1
    Art Room View 2
    Art Room Plan

    Music Room

    Music Room Plan
    Music Room View 1
    Music Room View 2

    Special Education Classrooms

    SE Theraputic View
    SE Theraputic & Preschool Plans
    SE Functional Plan

    SE Preschool View
    SE Pre School View
    SE Functional View

    Media Center

    Media Center View 1
    Media Center Plan
    Media Center View 2

    Kindergarten Rooms

    Kindergarten Classroom Plan
    Kindergarten Views

    Typical Classroom

    Typical Classroom Plan
    Typical Classroom Views
    Typical Classroom View

    Site Plan